Safety, Testimonial -

M (Woolongong Australia)


I’m contacting you in relation to a recent experience I had with your product “The Quad bar. “

We use the bike for farm purposes and some times one of my 3 boys also rides the bike around the farm as well. I had to put a stop to them riding it when I saw what happened to a mate when the bike rolled on him and crushed his pelvis.

I saw one of your Quad bars on a bike in Brisbane and purchased one while there, since installing the “Quad bar” all my kids have been riding the bike and I finally feel at ease.

A few weeks ago I was going down a hill on the bike when it rolled, the bike rolled 2 or 3 times and I was thrown under the bike with the bike coming down on top of me.

Lucky for me the “Quad bar” took the total weight of the bike leaving a space under the bike where I was laying. I come out with a few scratches but nothing in comparison to what would have happened if the bike would have rolled on me.

I feel Australian standards’ should be reviewed considering your quad bar or something similar should be fitted to all quad bikes to ensure they improve safety of these bikes.

Well done and thanks"

M (Woolongong Australia)