Safety, Testimonial -


“Last week we stayed on Moreton Island at Tangalooma Resort and saw the Quadbars for the first time on their quad bikes

We went quad biking for four days and on Thursday our third time with a group of approx.- 9 other riders my 14year old son was in front of me and he was behind the guide

We as a group were to turn to the right to go down a steep slope , as my son turned a wasp flew close to his face and he panicked , the bike hit the sandbank on the left went up in the air and he fell backwards off the bike

The bike completely back flipped the Quadbar hit the sand causing it to roll to the side completely missing my son

My son was not injured in any way neither was the bike damaged , they simply lifted the bike up back onto four wheels n

My son jumped on and continued to ride, and again the next day

Since seeing this I will not allow anyone to ride our own quad bike on our property till I fit a quad bar